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     Welcome, I am Monolin Manny Moreno.  I grew-up in the San Joaquin Valley in a small town named Livingston. My roots here go back to 1918 when my grandparents arrived here looking for work, from Sonora, Mexico and Arizona, Yaquis. In those times along the border and south of it, the Revolution was taking place and many Indigenous families came north looking to survive and raise their families.  My family Yaqui records date back so far to the late 1700's.  I am an Enrolled Member of State Recognized Texas Band of Yaqui Indians.
    I grew-up during the 1960's and 70's DE-colonizing my mind. During these times I was writing poetry and painting.
    I have been writing since I was a boy, inspired and encouraged in part by my mother and an aunt. I accumulated many notebooks over decades and self published small chapbooks along the way. My first book released in 2008 is titled The Bridge is Gone, poetry. My latest release is titled The Elder, a tribute. My third book of poems is ready for publishing titled Longview Road and just completed a novel, Scared.
      I am presently working on my autobiography and another book of poems.
      I work seasonal and the sales of my books helps me to get by another day. I am striving to write and record life in this area but living circumstances make it very difficult. So all proceeds of my books when ordered directly through me go to me.
I have also included videos and art work as well as some publicity clips on my work.Thank you for dropping by and don't forget to order.
      I have included interviews about my books.
                                                                                         All My Relations
Order my latest book, a memoir
Scared - Coming Full Circle. On Amazon 


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     When you order The Elder I will sign it for you, this is done directly from me to you.
I only have a few of the Bridge is Gone, the 1st Edition, available. I will have to sell these at a higher cost.





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